Group Resource

A group is a collection of people (i.e., users) identified by a unique name and/or emblem.



  • Added memberships relation.


  • Added lastModified property.


  • Added rootFolder relation.


  • Added hasExternalMembers property.


  • Added permissions metadata.


  • Added hidden, parent and subgroups properties.


  • Added membersMayPost and XID properties.


  • Added lockedBy membership metadata.


  • Added defaultEmblemThumbnailUrl property which contains a default group emblem
  • emblemThumbnailUrl will only be present when a group has a custom emblem




Name Type Description
created datetime Read-only Date the group was created
defaultEmblemThumbnailUrl string Read-only File URL to network emblem
description string Description
EID EID Unique entity identifier
emblemThumbnailUrl URI Read-only File URL to network emblem or logo graphic
groupType string One of the four basic types: public, restricted, private and secret, or an enterprise-type custom to the network
hasExternalMembers boolean Since 1.0.22 Read-only Whether external network members are member of the group
headerBackgroundUrl URI Read-only File URL to header background image
hidden boolean Since 1.1 Read-only Whether this group is visible (by default) in group collections (clients can override this behavior with the include_hidden filter)
lastModified datetime Since 1.0.13 Read-only Last time the group was modified
membersMayPost boolean Since 1.1.10 Whether regular group members, besides the group administrators, may post messages to the group or not
name string Group name
numMembers number Read-only Number of members
type string “group”
XID string Since 1.1.10 Unique external identifier

End-user Metadata (read-only)

Name Type Description
member boolean Whether the logged in user is member of the group
permissions string List of permissions the logged in user has in this group
role string Role of the user in the group (guest if not a member)

Membership Metadata (read-only)

This metadata is only available when requesting the User Groups subresource.

Name Type Description
admin boolean Since 1.0.24 Whether the logged in user is administartor of the group
lockedBy string Since 1.4.3 Hints the application that protects this membership from deletion


    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "/networks/fedcba0987654321/groups/1234567890abcdef/"
        "emblem": {
            "href": "/networks/fedcba0987654321/messages/abcdef0123456789/"
        "members": {
            "href": "/networks/fedcba0987654321/users/?group=1234567890abcdef"
        "memberships": {
            "href": "/networks/fedcba0987654321/memberships/?group=1234567890abcdef/"
        "rootfolder": {
            "href": "/networks/fedcba0987654321/messages/abcdef9876543210/"
    "_user": {
        "member": true,
        "role": "member",
        "permissons": "post_message,view_group,view_group_timeline,view_group_members"
    "EID": "1234567890abcdef",
    "type": "group",
    "name": "Acme Engineers",
    "description": "Engineers group",
    "groupType": "private",
    "hasExternalMembers": false,
    "hidden": false,
    "emblemThumbnailUrl": "",
    "defaultEmblemThumbnailUrl": "",
    "headerThumbnailImageUrl": "",