Network Resource

A network is a group of people, licensed under the same subscription, identified by a unique name, subdomain and/or emblem.



  • Added numAdminAlerts metadata.


  • Added Network theme for branding purposes.


  • Added language property.
  • Added theme.loginBackgroundUrls property.


  • Added emailDeliveryFormat property.


  • Added member metadata.


  • Added numUnreadAlertsCoalesced property.


  • Added marketEnabled property.
  • Added rootFolder relation.


  • Added hasExternalMembers property.


  • Added theme.groupHeaderBackgroundUrl and theme.userHeaderBackgroundUrl properties.


  • Added defaultPrimaryEmailPrivacySetting property.


  • Added speakapDomain property.
  • Added baseUrl property.
  • Added host-info relation.


  • Added appDistributorEnabled property.


  • Added whitelabelApps relation.




Name Type Description
baseUrl string Base URL to the network document root, for example: ""
conditionsAccepted boolean Whether or not the Speakap terms & conditions have been accepted
created boolean Read-only Date the network was created (ISO 8601 compliant)
defaultPrimaryEmailPrivacySetting string Since 1.3.5 Default visibility setting of a user’s primary email address:only_me or network
description string Description
EID EID Unique entity identifier
emailDeliveryFormat string Since 1.0.9 Delivery format of outbound emails: plain_text, rich_html or multi_text_html
emblemThumbnailUrl URI File URL to network emblem or logo graphic
hasExternalMembers boolean Since 1.0.23 Read-only Whether external users are member of the network
language string Since 1.0.4 Network-wide (default) language (RFC 5646)
marketEnabled boolean Since 1.0.13 Read-only Whether or not the Speakap application Market is enabled for this network
name string Network name
speakapDomain string Read-only Domain where the network resides (e.g.,
subdomain string Read-only Subdomain
subscription object Speakap subscription details
subscription. since datetime Date when the network was created (ISO 8601 compliant)
subscription. type string Subscription type: free, premium or enterprise
theme object Since 1.0.3 Branding preferences
theme. backgroundUrl string Absolute URL to a background image
theme. buttonColor string Hexadecimal color code for buttons
theme. groupHeaderBackgroundUrl string Since 1.1 File URL of the default group header background image
theme. headerColor string Hexadecimal color code for the top header
theme. linkColor string Hexadecimal color code for hyperlinks
theme. loginBackgroundUrls array Since 1.0.4 List of absolute URL to zero or more background images
theme. userHeaderBackgroundUrl string Since 1.1 File URL of the default user header background image
type string “network”
welcomeMessage string Welcome message for network users

End-user Metadata (read-only)

Name Type Description
numAdminAlerts integer Since 1.0.2 Number of alerts the user has not yet responded to
numUnreadAlerts integer Number of unread alerts
numUnreadAlertsCoalesced integer Since 1.0.11 Number of unread alerts after coalescing
numUnreadConversations integer Number of unread conversations
numUnreadNewsItems integer Number of unread news items
member boolean Since 1.0.5 Whether the logged in user is member of the network
permissions string List of permissions the logged in user has in this network
profileEID EID Unique entity identifier of the network profile of the logged in user


    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "/networks/1234567890abcdef/"
        "apps": {
            "href": "/networks/1234567890abcdef/apps/"
        "emblem": {
            "href": "/networks/1234567890abcdef/messages/abcdef0123456789/"
        "hostInfo": {
            "href": "/host-info/?network=1234567890abcdef"
        "rootFolder": {
            "href": "/networks/1234567890abcdef/messages/abcdef9876543210/"
        "whitelabelApps": [
                "href": "/networks/1234567890abcdef/messages/a1b2c3d4e5f67890/",
                "name": "TeamConnect Talk"
    "_user": {
        "profileEID": "0a1b2c3d4e5f6789",
        "member": true,
        "numAdminAlerts": 4,
        "numUnreadAlerts": 0,
        "numUnreadAlertsCoalesced": 0,
        "numUnreadConversations": 2,
        "numUnreadNewsItems": 0,
        "permissions": "edit_network,edit_network_settings,delete_message,post_news,post_to_network"
    "EID": "1234567890abcdef",
    "conditionsAccepted": true,
    "name": "Acme Inc.",
    "subdomain": "acme",
    "marketEnabled": false,
    "description": "Speakap network for Acme Incorporated",
    "welcomeMessage": "Welcome to our network!",
    "emblemUrl": "",
    "subscription": {
        "type": "free",
        "since": "2013-04-11T13:35:07.123+01:00"
    "theme": {
        "buttonColor": "#FF0000",
        "headerColor": "#00FF00",
        "linkColor": "#0000FF",
        "backgroundUrl": "",
        "loginBackgroundUrls": [ ],
        "groupHeaderBackgroundUrl": "",
        "userHeaderBackgroundUrl": ""
    "language": "en",
    "emailDeliveryFormat": "rich_html",
    "appDistributorEnabled": false